The Problem

Our society faces a rapidly ageing population and the current paper-based systems for managing elderly care are not working effectively. Our vision is to create a coherent system that supports the highest quality care, providing greater accountability and a better quality of life for older people in our communities.

Our Solution

Konnektis provides a communication platform for carers that runs on a dedicated, secure 3G internet-enabled tablet that stays in the home of the person receiving care and becomes the hub for real-time information.

With Konnektis, people receiving care have more information about their care, professional carers have quick access to up-to-date, relevant data about the person, and informal carers and family members receive information in real-time about their loved one’s care.

Konnektis enables person centred care, better regulatory compliance and real time information accessible to both health care professionals and families.


Konnektis is an alumni of the Bethnal Green Ventures accelerator programme, which is funded by the Cabinet Office, NestaNominet Trust and the Blackstone Charitable Foundation.

We are proud to have been selected for Nominet Trust's Social Tech Seed programme, which provides funding and support for social impact technology start-ups. Along with this, we recently received a Core 77 Design Award for our service design approach – which focuses on user needs and co-creation.