We believe sharing information is fundamental to better, more personalised care. Digital technology allows us to record and communicate what’s important in a more timely and accessible way than ever before, making care both more effective and more efficient.


Konnektis provides a multifunctional platform that connects everyone in the care network, from professional carers to family members. It acts as a communication hub for people receiving care and their support network, and an information portal for care managers to collaborate with carers in delivering the best possible care. Read on to find out about what Konnektis can do.

Communication hub


Konnektis is a communication hub that connects everyone concerned with a person's care.


We provide a secure, dedicated 4G internet-enabled Samsung tablet that stays permanently in the home of the person receiving care. During each visit, care workers log into the tablet using secure log in details and from there can access, record and share information about the person and the visit.


Digital care information

Carers have access to the digital care plan of the person who they are visiting, which can be updated remotely by care managers to cater for changing needs. Carers can access these during visits using their secure log in details. They can also make digital care notes on the tablet and send alert notifications to raise urgent issues.


Connected care networks

Details about each care visit can be remotely accessed and viewed by others in the support network, such as permissioned family members, healthcare professionals and care managers. This allows better communication and collaboration. Alert notifications can be sent between care teams to flag urgent issues or changes.


Personal engagement

The person receiving care has access to a live-updated care schedule diary that tells them who is coming and when. We have also developed personalisable home screen buttons that integrate with other applications to aid well being, such as a medication reminder tool or signposting tools to local services and activities. 


Information portal


Konnektis is an information portal that supports collaboration among care professionals through person-centred and timely records.


Care managers have access to a web-based portal where they can view all the necessary information about an individual and their care visits and collaborate with carers in real-time, making care delivery truly person-centred. 


Meaningful Insight

Live information about the person and their care visits allows a more holistic view of individuals, and care plans can be updated instantly in accordance with changing needs. Managers are more connected and can better safeguard their users as well as their staff. They have ability to integrate with information from health professionals and other family and voluntary care networks.


Real-time communication

Care managers are able to better communicate with carers the schedules, visits and notes made by care staff. They can receive alert notifications sent by carers and can send alerts to specific tablets that care workers will see when they log in. Managers can update care plans remotely, and can record the steps taken to resolve problems.


Effective management

The replacement of pen-and-paper systems and the introduction of automated processes such as timesheets reduces administration costs and saves time doing tasks such as physically updating Care Plans or auditing. The Konnektis system allows enhanced CQC reporting as all care plans are stored digitally.