Electronic care plan with an alert

What it is

Konnektis is an easy-to-use digital care platform that runs on a tablet which stays in the home of the person receiving care. It replaces the current paper Care Plan book and allows you to access digital Care Plans, record notes about each visit, and share information with care managers immediately. You can easily communicate and receive important information helping you deliver the best care possible.

Digital care record with an alert

How it works

We provide a care planning solution through a tablet that stays in the home of the person that you visit. Using secure login details, you log into the tablet on arrival and complete the visit as normal, recording information on the electronic care portal. This information can be viewed immediately by care managers and family members supporting communication and collaboration.

You can send alerts that care managers receive immediately, such as about something that has happened during the visit that concerns you or you think requires attention. Care managers are able to send alerts to you via the tablet about changes to the electronic Care Plan, such as making you aware of a change in routine or a new cream to use, that you otherwise might have missed.

Digital care record with a progress report


You spend less time searching through paper care plans and can spend more time doing what you are actually there for: to help people. You can be confident that the issues you raise in a visit will go somewhere: to the care managers in the form of an alert. This will remain on the system until dealt with, meaning the person you are caring for receives person centred care and high quality support.