Electronic Care Diary

What it is

Konnektis provides a care management platform that runs on a secure, dedicated, 4G internet enabled tablet that stays permanently in the care receiver’s home and replaces the current paper Care Plan. It allows carers to digitally access, record and share information with all people involved in the support network, such as families, other appropriately permissioned informal carers, care managers and healthcare professionals. It also enables the individual being cared for to engage with their own care. Our personalised home screen allows them to access a live updates in the care diary of who is coming and when, and use our integrated apps that help with a range of things from signposting to local services to supporting medication adherence.

Digital Platform for Care Managers

How it works

Konnektis provides a tablet, 4G internet connectivity, training, installation and subsequent support. Carers are able to access digital care plans through the tablet that can be updated remotely and in real time by care managers, meaning that the care records are always up to date. They can digitally record their notes and send live alert notifications to care managers.

Care managers access all this information through a web-based portal, with the most important information highlighted, such as non-attendance and urgent comments from carers. Key actions can be assigned and tracked for a more pro-active approach to care and improved regulatory compliance reporting. All activity in the Konnektis system is recorded, visible and auditable. Appropriately permissioned family members can also view information about the visit by logging on to an online portal that can be remotely accessed.

We are able to integrate with third party apps that can run on the dedicated home screen to support the person receiving care. We have an open approach to integrate with existing health and care support systems.

Digital care record with an alert


Thanks to our care planning solution individuals are able to be more involved in their own well being. Digital care plans are up to date, meaning people receive the best possible support, and carers can send alert notifications so that problems are avoided before they escalate into crisis or hospitalisation. Care teams receive a more holistic view of the individual which supports more person centred care delivery.

The web-based portal enables care managers to improve regulatory compliance reporting and more robust safeguarding. The richer data stored on the system supports better decision making and opens up data analytic opportunities to identify, develop and track areas of improvement.

Digitisation of pen-and-paper systems lowers administration costs and improves time effectiveness. It is a step in the right direction for the integration of multiple networks across health and Adult Social Care to ensure individuals are able to remain happy, healthy and independent at home.