For families

Mark and David Howells founded Konnektis following their experience caring for a family member. We understand the importance of families staying involved in their loved one's care and the difficulties everyone faces when communication about that care is ineffective. Read on to find out how Konnektis can help the whole family unit. 


What it is 

Konnektis is a digital platform that runs on a secure, 4G internet enabled tablet that stays in the home and replaces the paper care folder currently used in care. Konnektis puts the person at the centre of their care and enables better communication and collaboration between all parties involved in the support network.

How it works

We provide a dedicated tablet for our platform that stays permanently in the home of the person receiving care. Using their secure log in, carers are able to digitally access Care Plans that can be updated remotely by care managers, and can digitally record their notes and send alert notifications. The information they record about each visit, such as when the carer arrived and what they did during the visit, is stored in a cloud-based system that family members are able to view by logging into a portal that can be accessed remotely on any computer, tablet or smartphone.




You are kept informed about your loved one's care, receiving meaningful information about care visits, which are updated in real-time. Regardless of where they live, family members are able to view the information via a device of their choosing. Better communication between you and the care team means that you can stop problems escalating into crisis and generally feel more confident about the care your family member is receiving.