Electronic Care Plan Main Screen

What it is

Konnektis provides an easy-to-use computer device that stays in your home and is used to record and access information about your care. It provides you with more information about your care, a digital Care Diary of who is coming to see you and when, additionally, connecting you to local services and community activities. It's available for you and your family whenever you need it.

Electronic care plan record with an alert

How it works

We provide the tablet which stays in your home and replaces the current Care Plan book. Carers who visit you log into the tablet using their secure password, and can view your digital Care Plan and Medication Plan. Carers then type information about the visit on the device rather than writing it down in the Care Plan book. This way all the information about your care can be remotely viewed by certain permissioned people in your support network (like family members or health care professionals) to make sure you receive high-quality, joined-up and timely support.

When the care team is not using the tablet to record information, it is yours to explore the additional features designed for you. These include a live-updated care schedule of which carers are coming and when, and applications that can help with medication management or connecting you to local services.

Electronic Care Plan


You have more information about the care you are receiving. You have a digital Care Diary that lets you know who is coming to see you and at what time. This is updated remotely by the care team manager, so you will know if things change.

The handy home buttons provide additional features tailored to your needs. These can include tools to help you remember to take medication, or links to information about things going on in your community and services that are available to you. 

With your permission, your family can remotely view information about the visits you receive (such as what time the care worker came and what they did on that visit) so they have peace of mind that the care team visiting you are delivering the best possible service.