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Enhancing care through better communication


What we do

Our digital care platform transforms care planning and delivery.
Konnektis places the person at the centre of their care, enabling better communication and collaboration among support network, while enabling service users to participate in their health and well being to the fullest extent possible.

Digital Care Plan

Communication hub

The Konnektis 4G-connected tablet stays permanently in the person's home, replacing pen-and-paper records and acting as a digital care diary - the central point for the individual and their care network to access, record and share information easily and securely.

Electronic Care Planning Platform

Information portal

Our web-based care monitoring platform enables live collaboration among the care networks. Providers are able to better communicate with carers, keep care plans up-to-date and send and receive alert notifications. Family can view visit information in real-time.

Shared Care Information

Open approach

Our care planning solution can integrate with other systems so people get the information they need and data can be analysed and learned from. Co-designed with users to identify core needs and integrations, we support inter-operability across assistive technologies.

Konnektis supports person-centred care

Electronic Care Diary

People receiving care

Electronic live care schedules and digital tools to support personal and direct engagement in health care and well being.

Digital Care Records

Care Teams

A holistic view of an individual's care with access to up-to-date, digital care records and the ability to send real-time alert notifications.

Shared Care Platform


Meaningful information about care visits, updated in real-time and available on Konnektis care platform via your phone, tablet or other convenient devices.

Care Planning Software

Care providers

Person centred care delivery, lower costs, improved communication and richer data through care planning software that supports better decision making.

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